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Funding awarded to local charity to continue substance misuse service for young people in the City

1st July 2019

We are pleased to announce that we have received funding from Southampton City Council to continue our Drugs, Alcohol Support and Health (DASH) service for the next five years.

The service, which has already helped to support thousands of vulnerable young people in the City, will provide unlimited one-to-one support sessions and psychosocial activities that will enable users to break down their routines through activities such as sport, cooking and therapeutic groups.

Young people can also access support from the DASH service for opiate replacement recovery in partnership with the adult service CGL, blood born virus testing and health and wellbeing sessions, as well as support for young offenders.

Robyn Parker-Hales, DASH Service Manager, says “We at No Limits are really pleased that we have a continuation of the service to support young people in Southampton around drugs and alcohol. We’re taking this opportunity to strengthen our existing partnerships with the view to improve outcomes for the young people we support.”


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