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Drug & Alcohol Support Hub

Our Drug & Alcohol Support Hub (DASH) for young people under 25  in the SO14 – SO19 postcodes is the place to go if you want support for your usage, information about substances, or are being affected by the substance use of a friend or family member.

Our DASH team can give you a wide range of information, advice and support around any substance, their effects and risks, as well as how to keep yourself safe.

We’re not here to judge you, we’re just here to help. Take a look below at how we can support you.


We get asked a lot of questions about what we do and who we are, so here’s some we get asked regularly.

Who is DASH for?

DASH is for anyone under 25 living in Southampton postcodes SO14-SO19. If you are over our age limit, go to Change Grow Live for support in postcodes SO14-SO19. If you are outside of our area, our team can help with signposting you to your local service.

What is our view on drugs? Do we think they’re bad?

No, we don’t think drugs are “bad”. We believe everyone has their own relationship with substances and it’s for each person to find out. We understand and acknowledge the reasons why people use, all we want to do is support you and help you to stay safe.

Will I get into trouble if I’m telling you about my drug use?

No Limits is a confidential service and we don’t report people to the police for buying and using drugs. There are times when we have a duty to share something you’ve told us if we are concerned you or someone else could be at risk of serious harm. Our youth workers can tell you more about what we mean by this.


Unsure whether you need help?

The following questions might help you think about if drugs or alcohol are a concern for you:

– Do you drink/use substances to avoid problems or emotions?

– Do you ever try to cut down or stop and find that you can’t?

– Do you avoid being honest with others about your drinking/drug use?

– Does drug or alcohol use get in the way of school/college or work?

– Do you find it hard to stop drinking/using once you’ve started?

– Do you get anxious at the thought of running out of drugs or alcohol?

Support without judgement

There’s no pressure to immediately ‘fix’ whatever the issues are and the service works around you. DASH sessions are a calm environment to talk about whatever’s going on without judgement. I think you’ve really helped me understand my relationship with weed and how that impacts other aspects of my life and how I can slowly change that, again without any judgement if it doesn’t work. I’ve come across a lot of services and have never lasted this long with one. Young people are very lucky to have such a welcoming, supportive community within No Limits. Thanks for being so good at your job.

Former DASH Service User


The DASH team deliver BUZZ sessions for young people aged 14-25, which are lessons, assemblies and outreach sessions about the risks around drinking and using substances.

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