Jodie’s Story

23 year old Jodie* came to No Limits needing help with a variety of issues. After recently separating from her long-term partner who suffered with alcoholism, and as a single parent bringing up her 2 year old son, she needed our support. Jodie, who struggled with mental health issues alongside the challenges of parenting, was finding it hard to keep up with paying rent and bills.

Snow Updates from Snow Limits

Due to the forecast of freezing temperatures and heavy snow over the next few days, we advise that you check our Facebook page, Twitter account and website for regular, up-to-date information about the running of our services.

Chris’ Story

Chris’* parents experienced a traumatic separation and he was forced to live with his mother, who was often absent and would leave Chris with no money or food. Feeling depressed and alone, Chris stopped going to school. Social services got involved and Chris started living with his father, who provided him with better care.

Put your festive socks on and brighten a young person’s day

No Limits have officially launched their Christmas Socks appeal, which will see individuals, organisations, local schools and colleges get involved with wearing festive socks to raise money for vulnerable young people across the City.
This year we are running a Christmas Socks Week from Monday 11th December to Sunday 17th December for supporters to wear their festive socks, share a message of support and give a donation.

Have Your Say November 2017

Every 6 months we do a consultation to check how well you think we’re doing. The survey helps us to ensure that your voice is at the heart of everything we do. This time round, we’re running our consultation for 2 weeks from Monday 30th October to Sunday 26th November 2017.

Abby’s Story

 21 year-old Abby* came to the No Limits Advice Centre very upset and in need of urgent help. She had recently moved out of her parents’ house and was struggling to pay the rent whilst trying to provider for her 2 children. With another baby on the way, Abby was finding it difficult to keep up with the pressures of her part-time job, which were having an impact on her mental health.

Esther Took to the Skies!

Last month sixty nine-year-old Esther took to the skies at 130mph on the wings of a Boeing Stearman in another one of her inspiring efforts to raise money for local charities No Limits and Breakout Youth. The daredevil grandmother was harnessed to the wings of the small two seater plane where she enjoyed the sights of Wiltshire from above!

Megan’s Story

15 year old Megan* had been experiencing intrusive thoughts of suicide for over a year. Megan had a plan to take her life and had written suicide letters which she kept underneath her pillow. When Megan shared her suicide plan on Snapchat an acquaintance intervened, little did they know that this intervention saved her life.

My Experience as a Social Media Intern at No Limits

I have had a great time working with No Limits as a Social Media and Web Design intern for a period of four weeks. The placement ended last Wednesday, and was part of The University of Southampton’s Excel Southampton Internship Programme which seeks to offer students paid training opportunities with leading organisations across the UK…

My Experience as an Events and Fundraising Intern at No Limits

I have had the pleasure of working as a Fundraising and Events Intern at No Limits for the past four weeks. As a student at the University of Southampton, going into my final year, this was my first opportunity to work within a charity and office environment. Understandably I was apprehensive about joining a team for such a short period of time, however, I cannot emphasize enough the warmth I was welcomed with, immediately feeling a part of such a passionate working environment. The staff and volunteers at No Limits are a real credit to the charity…