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Bright Beginnings


Bright Beginnings

Our Bright Beginnings service gives one-to-one support to young parents aged 17-25 and their babies, through pregnancy up until the baby’s second birthday.

Support is given by our trained volunteer Bright Beginnings Befrienders. They are matched with the young parents and will be there as a trusted, reliable and knowledgeable adult for the parents to get support from.

Befrienders will meet with parents regularly and are there to offer support with anything they may be struggling with, in particular the health of the parents and their baby and all aspects of parenting.

Our befrienders help you get through processes, meetings and paperwork to do with your child, including the child’s health, childcare and learning. They can also advise you on the physical health of your child, how to look after their emotional wellbeing and will encourage a stable, stimulating environment. Your befriender may recommend you access other services to help you with your own health needs.

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