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Altogether Better

6th March 2020

Last year No Limits was involved in a pilot scheme with Youth Access called the Altogether Better Charter, a charter created by young people for person-centred mental health and wellbeing services.  By signing up to the charter we promised to always:

  • Treat with respect
  • Make it easy for young people to access the service
  • Have all the help young people need in one Place
  • Provide a welcoming and age appropriate setting
  • Provide support for young people up to the age of 25
  • Have skilled workers who take young people seriously
  • Involve the young people in decision making

As part of the charter we were involved in the Altogether Better Survey where around 300 young people across No Limits’ services participated in an online survey; we also held 2 focus groups with young people from our youth groups discussing the 7 promises listed above. Results from the survey and focus groups have been published in the Altogether Better Report.

No Limits has also been awarded the Charter Mark by the Charter Ambassadors which is a fantastic achievement we’re committed to upholding.

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