New Advice & Support Line for Children and Young People in Southampton

29th July 2020

No Limits has launched an advice and support line for children and young people who are struggling with their mental health and need immediate access to help and support.

Having launched in July, the service has been made possible through funding from Southampton’s Clinical Commissioning Group. Children and young people calling the No Limits phone number will have immediate access to one to one, confidential, emotional support as well as advice on healthy coping skills and signposting to useful apps and websites.

The support line is available to children and young people aged 11-17 who live in Southampton and West Hampshire and will be open for over 40 hours a week. Maria Slevin, Service Manager at No Limits, hopes that the helpline will ensure more children and young people know about No Limits’ support services and the immediate help available:

“Many children and young people across Southampton and Hampshire are feeling more isolated and lonely at this time, with no school, college or work. They may feel their worries are too insignificant to be talked about or that they have no one who’s interested. It’s so crucial that every young person has someone to listen to them, to help process the extraordinary events of the last few months and avoid their mental health worsening. No Limits is here to support young people who have nowhere else to turn.”

Children and young people can access the advice and support line by phoning 02380 224 224 during No Limits’ opening hours.

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