Zoe’s Story

22 December 2016

No Limits’ Health & Wellbeing drop-in sessions have helped to change the lives of young people like Zoe.

15 year old Zoe* came to her school’s Heath and Wellbeing drop-in session run by No Limits as she was suffering with high levels of anxiety and needed support. After building a supportive relationship with Zoe through one-to-one sessions, we discovered that she was  experiencing a lot of problems with her friends and overloading herself with school work, which was affecting not only her anxiety, but also her sleeping and eating habits. Self-harming was Zoe’s coping mechanism for dealing with her anxiety.

Through a series of one-to-one sessions, we helped Zoe to manage her anxiety through forming a list of alternative coping strategies that would prevent her from self-harming. We created a homework schedule which included time for her to relax, and built a lifeline list of the people she could talk to about her feelings.

As a result of our support, Zoe has now stopped self-harming and uses relaxation methods as an alternative coping strategy for when she feels anxious or stressed. Zoe speaks to her Mum and sister about how she is feeling, and has created new friendships with positive people that help to support her with her anxiety. Zoe is in a much better place and continues to receive support from No Limits to maintain the positive change in her mental health and wellbeing.

Zoe spoke of the support she received from No Limits, saying:

“Thank you so much for everything that you have done for me this year. You have helped me through a lot of hard times and you have helped me learn and not be afraid to take a step back and try again. I think that you are such a kind and friendly person and I honestly can’t thank you enough for everything. You are such an inspiration to me. You are the person that has believed in me when I haven’t and you have no idea how appreciative I am! You have changed my life for the better. I sometimes do still struggle with things but I always think about what you told me and how I need to find a balance and look after myself. I will always treasure the things that you tell me.  Thank you so much for everything”

*The name of the young person has been changed for confidentiality purposes.