Are You a Young Person in Debt? We Can Help

08 July 2015

Through this case study, you will learn a little bit more about the work of our youth workers.

A few months ago, we welcomed in our drop-in a young woman named Karen (anonymous name), who was struggling with debts and had mental health issues. She felt like she needed to talk to someone so she came to one of our drop-ins and started to talk to one of our Youth Workers. Karen explained her situation: she worked far from home and her work was becoming unbearable for her mental health. She lived at her mum’s home in an overcrowded house, she slept on a couch so she wanted advice about housing options but the other problem was that she was in debt.

Our workers started to help her by making a referral to one of our projects, No Limits Xtra, so that she could be provided with an additional support. They helped Karen fill out some paperwork about her budgeting, income, and outgoing expenditure. They sought legal advice and made contacts with creditors and companies that loaned her money to arrange a re-payment plan.

Karen now has a complete re-payment plan for all of her debts and creditors for the first time since she got in debt since 2012. She has been able to reduce her outgoings and has stopped debt collectors hassling her. As a result of our support her employers have given her fewer duties to help with her mental health and she is now enjoying going to work.

Our workers are still working with her but her mental health issues have improved and she will be in a position to acquire accommodation soon.