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Young People Represent Southampton at Labour Party Conference

27th September 2019

Two young people from No Limits were invited to attend the Labour Party’s Conference in Brighton last Sunday.

Hannah Ranger and Katie Hickmott spoke with Labour MPs Julie Hilling, John McDonnell and Ed Miliband about mental health services, human rights and the need for more youth support across the country. The youth advocates representing the South also had the opportunity to share their experiences of mental health, as well as ask MPs and other attendees to make pledges as part of the #MyRightsMyMind petition, a campaign launched by Youth Access which promises to build new solutions to transform mental healthcare in the UK.

Katie Hickmott, one of the youth rights advocates who attended the conference said “I’m very proud of what we achieved in just a day and I feel more empowered and driven to help build a brighter future for young people and generations to come.”


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