Young People put their stamp on the No Limits Advice Centre

19 July 2017

Last month a group of young people supported by No Limits worked in collaboration with Southampton print workshop Red Hot Press to create some vibrant and inspiring artwork to brighten up the walls of the No Limits Advice Centre.

The service users were involved in a series of 8 printmaking workshops where they used both traditional and modern printmaking techniques to create artwork which reflected their feelings about No Limits. The young artists were introduced to a variety of printmaking techniques, including; letter press, screen printing, lino cutting and mono printing. Red Hot Press then collated the artwork that the young people produced and created the panels which are now displayed in the No Limits Advice Centre (see pictured below).

A young person who was involved in the project said “I adore No Limits! They’ve done so many things for me and it’s nice to be able to give something back and make your mark on a place that’s had such an influence on your life. I think it’s something to engage young people and get them more interested in what’s going on, but also helping them to feel at home here and feel like this is their space.”