What’s it like at our Drop In Centre?

26 May 2016

Here’s what Conor* says

The No Limits Drop In Centre is full of life on a day to day basis. The staff are always warm, friendly and welcoming, but also not the type that are push overs. They know how the young people work and most of our ins and outs. They off a variety of projects for young people working alongside Next Steps, DASH and Floating Support. Since moving to Southampton town centre they offer better facilities for the homeless young people such as showers and the toiletries to wash with as well as a variety of donated clothes for those who might need to wash their own. They offer hot and cold food and drink and try to be equally fair all round.

They have internet access for job searching and emailing, they offer CV writing skills, interview skills and preparation.

They also help with those who may have a few difficulties such as social anxiety, family relationship issues and a variety of other problems that we young people face on a day to day basis. We can get help with budgeting or even sometimes funding for training courses.

All in all they are all very supportive and it feels nice to be able to come somewhere safe and secure that feels a bit like one big family.

With the help of young people and staff it is a very good place to get recongregated in society.

*Name has been changed