This week is Carer’s Week!

08 June 2015

This week (8-14 June 2015) we celebrate Carer’s Week! In the UK, there are 6.5 million unpaid carers and they are vital for our society. This campaign aims to improve their lives, to highlight the challenge they have to face and to recognise the importance of what they do.

Carers are constantly under pressure, some of them care 24 hours a day. This can have shattering effects on their physical and mental health.

‘Caring can be a rich source of satisfaction in people’s lives. It can be life-affirming. It can help deepen and strengthen relationships. It can teach you a multitude of skills and help you realise potential you never thought you had. But without the right support caring can have a devastating impact. Evidence shows that caring can cause ill health, poverty and social isolation. When caring is intensive and unsupported you can struggle to hold down a job, get a night’s sleep, stay healthy and maintain your relationships with friends and family.’ (Source:

This year, the campaign will be focused on carer friendly communities.‘Communities which support carers to look after loved ones well, while recognising that they are individuals with needs of their own’. (Source:

The number of carers is constantly increasing due to the ageing population. There could be up to 9 million carers by 2037. Therefore it is important that these people have support from our communities.

At No Limits we support young carers. Our workers from the Next Steps project offer one to one support to young carers, care leavers and young people leaving Youth Offending Institutions. Our Next Step workers are specialists who help young people to make successful transitions and overcome many issues.

Peter (anonymised name), one of the young people supported by our workers, talks about the positive impact that Next Steps has had on his life: “I have come far and am continuing to do my best. Next Steps helps me when I need help with something and takes me away from my home life which is sometimes awful.”

If you are a young person and need help, Next Steps will listen to you, and support you to make decisions about your life, your education, your employment or training, around where you want to live, and other issues affecting you.

You can find out more information or get in touch with our specialists here.