Thank you Oasis Down to Earth Farm and Go Outdoors!

21 July 2016

A week or so ago we received a call from Giverny at Oasis Down to Earth Farm in Shirley. They wanted to donate a big pile of things to us that they thought the young people we support might find useful. They had been donated to them by Go Outdoors but for a variety of reasons, they wanted to offer them to us.
Giverny from Oasis Down to Earth Farm turned up with a box full of sleeping bags, roll mats, outdoor boots and outdoor clothes. This is an amazing donation and we know that many of our young people will make great use of these items.
We know that a sleeping bag and a roll mat can make a real difference to a night spent sleeping. And the boots may well help a young person or two who want to get a construction job. Very often these jobs require special equipment and there might be a sign on the gate that says no hat, no boots, no job. Boots can be expensive so this might be the last things a young person needs to get a job.
We’re very grateful – huge thanks both!