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Supporting young people in their hour of need

9th April 2020

A young person came to the Emergency Department as he had attempted to take his life. Being bullied at school left him with such low self-esteem and mental health issues that led him to a point where he didn’t know what else to do.
After a long chat with a No Limits Youth Worker, we came up with a plan for supporting the young person, which included encouraging the young person to get back in touch with friends and joining a No Limits support group, Teen Safe House.
We saw the young person the following day and the young person looked so much brighter and more positive. His Mum was so thankful for the time we spent with him, saying it had made such a difference. She was looking forward to taking him home and making life more positive for him and for their family as a whole.
N.B this took place before the UK went into lockdown.


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