We’re passionate about supporting the most vulnerable young people across Southampton and this Lent we’re challenging you to take a coffee break to help us help young people in need.

At an average of £2 a cup, the cost of takeaway hot drinks can really start to add up. Our challenge to you is simple. Go without one regular takeaway coffee each day and donate what you would’ve spent over the 40 days to No Limits. Every £2 counts! Take a look below at just how far each donation can go.

£2 would pay for 50 cups of coffee for young people at our Advice Centre

£5 would pay for a nutritious meal for a young person who may not have eaten properly for many days 

£10 would buy a sleeping bag for a young person who is street homeless or sofa surfing 

£15 would pay for a youth worker to sort out a young person’s benefits, helping them manage their finances 

£15 could pay for nappies and formula milk for a young vulnerable mum 

£20 could pay for a welcome pack for a young person moving into supported housing, to give them some of the comforts of home. 

£40 pays for a counselling session for a young person 

Want to take this challenge further? Have you considered giving regularly to the work we do? Giving up one takeaway hot drink per week and donating the £8 per month to No Limits would add up to an annual donation of an amazing £96!

To make a one off or regular donation of the money you’ve saved, click the button below :

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