Shanice’s Story

19 July 2018

When Shanice was 23 she ran away from domestic abuse. With nowhere else to go, she started sleeping rough and struggled even to afford food. She experienced depression, loneliness, becoming nervous and reluctant to discuss her situation.

That’s when Shanice came to the No Limits Advice Centre. She was greeted by friendly staff who made her feel safe and secure. They provided her with food, clean clothes, and access to a shower and toiletries. She was also able to speak to people who truly listened to her story. After speaking to Shanice, No Limits were able to arrange a space at a refuge for Shanice, and were able to book her into a B&B whilst she waited. They also helped Shanice to access a local pharmacy to get her prescription medication for depression.

Today, Shanice is unrecognizable from the depressed young woman who first arrived at the Advice Centre, and now with the help of No Limits she has the chance to fully escape the abuse in her past and start again.

*The name of the young person has been changed for confidentiality purposes.