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Stay Safe with DASH

26th June 2023

Consider these tips before taking or drinking anything

Who Knows?

Make sure someone you trust knows where you and and what you’ve taken.

Mind your Mood

Be aware of how you’re feeling before using substances. If you’re feeling down or anxious, this can negatively impact your experience.

Stay with Your Mates

Stay with people you trust if you’re using substances and look out for your friends.

Prepare and Plan

When you’re going out make sure you’ve got cash, condoms and a charged phone.

Tolerance Change

Be aware of any breaks in use, as your tolerance can drop quickly. If you’ve not used for a while, start with a smaller dose than you used to.

Safe Place

Only take substances in places you feel safe, stick to places you know well with people you know well.

Start Low and Take it Slow

Take small amounts and wait to feel the effects before re-dosing. Having a slow response doesn’t always mean it’s weak. Remember that you can take another dose, but you can’t undo a dose.

Mixing is Risking

Stick to one substance at a time as drugs can negatively interact with each other when taken together.

Use Your Own

Stick to using your own substances and equipment, avoid sharing things like notes.

DIY Drinking

Pour your own drinks and don’t accept drinks from people you don’t know.

Coming Down

After using, some substances can make people feel anxious and depressed. Comedowns are not a permanent after-effect. Look after yourself and avoid taking another substance to manage the comedown.

Further Help and Information


If you feel like you need help with substances, you can talk to our Drug & Alcohol Support Hub team. Just drop into our Advice Centre when it’s open, refer yourself here, or call us on 02380 224 224.


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