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1st April 2023

What is loneliness?

Loneliness is generally feeling like we have no one there for us, or we don’t have meaningful connections with people, but everyone’s experience will be different. You can be surrounded by friends and family and still feel lonely.

What causes it?

It can be caused by many things, and each person will have a different reason for feeling lonely, but the most common themes are having no one to talk to about things that matter to you.

Does being alone mean being lonely?

No. Every one of us has a social battery, and they all last for different amounts of time. Someone who likes spending more time by themselves, or doesn’t talk as much, isn’t necessarily lonely, they’re just doing what makes them feel comfortable.

What if I feel lonely?

We all feel lonely at some point, but admitting to ourselves and other that we are is the hardest part.

Acknowledging the feeling and accepting that it’s there will help you cope with it and make it easier to get help when you’re ready.

How can I help someone who is lonely?

Loneliness is all about connections, so you can help them by being their connection.

Make time to talk to them, or do something with them in person and if they’re speaking, make sure you really listen to what they’re saying. They might want to open up about an issue, or just want to talk to someone about their passion, but having a meaningful conversation with them can help them feel less alone.


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