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No Limits’ recruitment campaign to meet increased need for support

13th July 2020

This week we have launched an extensive recruitment campaign in response to the increased need they are seeing in the city, brought about by Covid-19.

The new roles will increase the charity’s capacity to support children and young people, and ensure that each young person can receive support across our services in a joined-up way. There are 10 roles being advertised including a Mental Health Lead, an Information and Advice Youth Worker and a Sexual Health Youth Worker. Full details are on their website at

No Limits has provided support throughout the lockdown through Zoom, webchat, email and telephone. Demand has gradually risen back to normal levels and is continuing to climb.

No Limits CEO, Natalie Webb is excited about the new roles and the additional support they will give, “Covid-19 has impacted on children and young people far and wide. We need to ensure that every young person has the opportunity to process this event and is supported to re-enter life and the new normal. With help from its funders, No Limits aims to be there for any young person who needs support on any issue, however large or small. Our doors are beginning to open again, but we have always – and will continue to be – able to provide support remotely. If you feel you need someone to talk to, please get in touch.”


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