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No Limits welcomes proposed ban on disposable vapes

31st January 2024

No Limits welcomes the government’s proposed ban on disposable vapes, child friendly vape flavours and colourful packaging.

There is emerging scientific evidence that shows vaping is harmful to health, with short-term issues including sore throats, coughing, headaches and dizziness.  In addition, disposable vapes are hugely detrimental to the environment. Five million of them are thrown away every week in the UK, with single use vapes containing batteries and difficult-to-recycle plastics that break down in landfills, polluting soil and causing harm to animals, people and the environment.

“Teenage brains are still developing and taking addictive substances like nicotine can change the brain – affecting concentration, impulse control, and likelihood of other addictions. The vaping industry is targeting young people, so this proposal is very welcome.”
Tom – No Limits’ Early Help Project Manager

We currently run smoking/vaping prevention sessions for professionals and young people in education settings. Since the work started late last year, we have delivered training to professionals from nine education settings and given educational sessions to 90 children.

Our free online smoking/vaping prevention workshops for professionals in Hampshire education settings run on Thursdays from 4:00-7:00pm. Find out more here:
Free Smoking/Vaping Prevention Sessions available for professionals working with young people – No Limits (


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