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No Limits launch knife crime campaign

31st January 2020

No Limits is launching a campaign to reduce the number of knives being carried by young people in the city by highlighting the dangers of carrying a knife and encouraging young people to talk to someone about their fears of violent crime, rather than resort to carrying a weapon for protection.

Maria Slevin, Service Manager at No Limits, said “Knife crime receives a lot of attention in the media and this leads to some young people thinking they need a weapon for protection. Evidence shows that those young people who carry a weapon are also the most likely to get injured. We want to open up a conversation with young people and encourage them to talk about their worries, rather than resort to ‘protecting’ themselves in this way.”

The campaign, which is part of our Violence Reduction work funded by Southampton City Council and Hampshire Police, reassures young people that 99% of their peers don’t carry a knife and explains how carrying a knife escalates the threat of violence to themselves and others.

The campaign, ‘Carry Respect, Not a Knife’, closely follows No Limits’ recent support work in Southampton schools raising awareness of the consequences of carrying a knife, which the charity delivered alongside knife crime expert Dean Coady, OBE.

Our knife crime awareness campaign will run online, at the No Limits Advice Centre, in schools and colleges across Southampton, as well as during No Limits’ support group sessions during the month of February.

To find out more about the campaign, visit: or if you’d like to talk to someone about knife crime, contact 02380 224 224 or email


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