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No Limits highlights mental health suffering among young carers

31st January 2019

Ahead of Young Carers Awareness Day No Limits, Southampton’s provider of support for young carers, is highlighting the risk of mental health issues amongst young carers by publishing 5 key priorities for ensuring young carers are supported with their mental health.

We carried out a consultation with young carers in Southampton which highlighted the need for there to be an increase in understanding about young carers from the public and opportunities to have fun and enjoy their childhood.

Young Carers have also highlighted that delays in receiving mental health support can have huge impacts on them and their families.

Toni-Marie Leaf, Service Manager for Young Carers in Southampton, said: “Many young carers in Southampton face daily challenges and barriers that adults would struggle with, alongside this many are unable to spend time with their peers, experience bullying due to their situations and have no one they can talk to about their lives. This can mean that they suffer with lower wellbeing and are more likely to develop poor mental health as they mature.”

Children and young people aged 8-18 can attend Young Carers in Southampton for a safe space to come together and share their stories, gain help from their peers and gain timely support for their mental health. To find out more, visit:, phone: 02380224224 or email:

You can be a part of the national Young Carers Awareness Day Carers Trust campaign by pledging your action to support young carers mental health on social media using #CareForMeToo


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