National Sexual Exploitation Awareness Day

18 March 2015

Today is National Sexual Exploitation Awareness Day. We have a few top tips on how to spot someone who may be experiencing child sexual exploitation:

Are there any changes in the young person you know? If the young person has a new set of friends, or they’re visiting new places where they don’t know anyone, doing things they didn’t previously do (drinking, smoking, drugs) then make sure you look a little deeper.

If young people are going missing then encourage them to let someone know where they are going and who with. Remind them to always take their phone and a charger with them.

If a young person is meeting someone from the internet then encourage them to be safe. Before they meet someone suggest they tell the person that their Mum/dad/ older brother or sister wants to come with them as this can often root out anyone who is not genuine. Tell people where they are going and who they are meeting, day time and in public and not to go anywhere else with them. Take someone with them.

If you know of anyone who you think may need our help, contact 02380 224 224.

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