Naomi’s experience as a HeadStart apprentice

17 August 2015

At No Limits, we are part of Southampton’s exciting HeadStart pilot. HeadStart is a BIG Lottery funded mental well-being programme working with 21 schools across the city. We provide counselling in schools as part of the pilot, and also host two HeadStart Apprentices. Our Apprentices are working towards formal youth work qualifications with us and making sure that children and young people have a strong voice in shaping the HeadStart programme.

One of our apprentices, Naomi, was interviewed for the first edition of the Southampton HeadStart magazine. Here, she talks about her work supporting children and young people to develop resilience:

“I want to be able to help other people who are experiencing tough parts in their life, so that they can see there is a way forward and that it won’t stay that way forever. It is amazing how I can see people I work with slowly getting more resilient and they don’t even know it. If HeadStart can make people more aware of mental health and the meaning of resilience then more people may be able to stop feeling scared of ‘mental health’ and understand the emotions they are feeling, why they are feeling them and how they can learn to accept their emotions, and then accept themselves and become stronger.”

You can find the full interview with Naomi on page 6 of the August HeadStart magazine: