My experience as a Corporate Fundraising Intern at No Limits

16 August 2018

University summer holidays are blissfully long. They give you the perfect opportunity to make that all important step from ‘just a student’, to slightly more employable.

Having finished my second year at the University of Southampton, I was keen to expand my work experience through their Excel Internship scheme. This is a brilliant way for students to gain valuable ‘real life’ skills and begin to burst the university bubble. It was through this that I secured my Corporate Fundraising Internship at No Limits, a charity that provides multiple services to young people in need. I instantly felt drawn to the amazing work of No Limits as I understand that life as a young person is not always easy, and I am proud to have had a small part in helping those in need this summer.

Having had little experience with corporate fundraising for a charity, No Limits has been a true insight. I was welcomed into the friendly Fundraising Team who were keen to show me the ropes. As I was on the corporate side of fundraising, I saw the magnitude of what goes into forming partnerships with local businesses, organising events, and everything that happens behind the scenes. The sheer amount of time and effort that goes into fundraising is impressive, but the Fundraising Team always had the time to assist my understanding of the role.

I enjoyed the variation of my internship and the independence I was entrusted with on my set tasks, The 2018 Charity Rounders Tournament was big focus. Seeking charity raffle donations enabled me to email, call and approach shops in person to aid the fundraising effort. I have also accompanied my supervisor to meetings and networking events which showed the importance of corporate relationships for fundraising. The combination of office and networking has been priceless.

If I had to summarise my four-week internship with No Limits in two words, it would have to be insightful and rewarding. I feel I can now appreciate the importance and scale of fundraising for a large local charity. I would like to think that I have given No Limits an extra pair of hands, but for me, the experience has been invaluable for such a worthy cause. I guess, in some way, No Limits has helped another young person.

Catherine, History student at the University of Southampton