My experience as a Community Fundraising Intern at No Limits

18 September 2018

Somehow already finding myself over half way through university, I decided it was time to get some work experience. After successfully applying onto the University of Southampton’s Excel Internship Programme, I got offered an internship at No Limits. For the past three weeks, I have had the pleasure of being a community fundraising intern. My previous experiences within the fundraising sector were limited to voluntary work, acting as the treasurer for a university charity society. As a result, coming into the charity I was nervous about finding my place and being able to contribute.  

However, that worry quickly dissipated. I arrived with the warmest welcome from the Fundraising and Communications team and was introduced to pretty much everyone within the company! I could not tell you everyone’s names or their job descriptions, but I can tell you they are all so dedicated to their work and delivering the highest quality of services for young people in Southampton. On my second day, the Fundraising and Communications team had their annual team away day. It gave me the quickest crash course into the logistics of organising charity projects and was incredibly insightful.  

My main task has been to strengthen No Limits’ links to both Solent and Southampton University. This has involved reaching out and using my contacts at the University to set up meetings and enquire about fundraising and event opportunities. It has been a privilege to bring together this local charity, deserving more recognition on the campus, to enthusiastic students that have strong capabilities to fundraise. My biggest project has probably been organising a ‘Santa Walk to Winchester’ for two societies at the University of Southampton to run in aid of No Limits and Solent Mind. 

Besides building relations with No Limits and the universities, my role has included creating ideas for exciting near-future events to continue the 25th birthday celebrations, attended a charity forum and working on social media. I also had the opportunity to go to the Advice Centre on the High Street to see the delivery side of No Limits. Having volunteered part-time as a youth worker before coming to university, I could tell how just how vital and skilful the delivery team are in engaging with young people. It was brilliant to see just why the work of the fundraising team is so important.  

Summarising my experience, it has been incredibly confidence-boosting and a privilege to contribute to the charity in a small way. It has given me a brilliant insight into the third sector and the world of work that awaits me after my final year! Thank you so much to the fundraising and communications team, and everyone else at No Limits for being incredibly welcoming and letting me work for you.

Izzy, a Criminology student at the University of Southampton