Megan’s Story

07 September 2017

15 year old Megan* had been experiencing intrusive thoughts of suicide for over a year. Megan had a plan to take her life and had written suicide letters which she kept underneath her pillow. When Megan shared her suicide plan on Snapchat, an acquaintance intervened. Little did they know that this intervention saved her life.

The next day Megan visited the No Limits Advice Centre where she was able to talk to us about her suicidal thoughts and low mood. A No Limits youth worker arranged for Megan to do a counselling assessment that same day, which gave her the opportunity to be listened to and supported, something she had never had before.

We worked with Megan to create a safety plan, exploring her support network at home and at school. That day we also helped Megan to book a GP appointment and we referred her to CAMHS (Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services) for further support with her mental health.

Megan is now being well supported by her family and is on the waiting list for a counselling session to become available. Megan has also spent more one-to-one quality time with her mum which has helped her to talk about her feelings in a safe place.

Megan spoke of the support she received from No Limits, saying:

“I feel that I have been listened to and I am now going to get the support and help I needed”.


*The name of the young person has been changed for confidentiality purposes.