Map of benefit sanctions shows cruelty, says homeless charity (via BBC News)

12 March 2015

From the BBC News

‘A benefits sanction map of the UK shows how claimants are being treated with cruelty, according to the homeless charity Crisis.

It said the map illustrates the “post code lottery” of sanctions – when claimants have their payments stopped.

And it warned that homeless people are being affected disproportionately.

However the government said that the number of people being sanctioned had actually fallen over the last year.

It said there were 170,000 fewer sanctions in the year to September 2014 than in the year before.

But in its report, Crisis claims the system is still deeply unfair.

It said sanctions rates varied between 15.4 per hundred claimants per month in Richmondshire, North Yorkshire, and 1.8 per hundred in the Western Isles.’

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In Southampton the rate of sanctions is 11.9 sanctions per 100 claimants, one of the highest. Why is it so high? These sanctions seem unduly harsh and can lead to young people being at risk of being homeless and destitute.