Making a Difference: Abbie’s Story

30 September 2015

Abbie’s Story: 20 year old Abbie* had originally attempted to come to a No Limits drop-in centre but found herself too anxious and nervous to ever physically step into the building. One of our youth workers saw Abbie hovering outside the No Limits building and went to sit with her. After 5 minutes of sitting outside Abbie decided to come into No Limits where she could talk through how for the majority of her life she had always identified herself as a female in a male’s body. Abbie said she had always dreamed of being a girl and how the frustration of gender dysphoria had led her to cut herself down her legs and arms.

We supported Abbie by booking and attending a doctor’s appointment to start the process of her transition from a male to a female and to acknowledge her self-harm. Abbie was also referred to Breakout Youth so that she could meet with a group of young people who similarly identify themselves as Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transexual, Transgender or unsure of their gender or sexual identity.

As a result of our support Abbie has more willingly identified and accepted herself as a female and now has the confidence to come into our drop-in centres. The GP has recorded the change in Abbie’s attitude and mental health, and is happy to refer her onto College Keep for the first step of her transition. We were so overwhelmed by Abbie’s progress that No Limits Xtra awarded Abbie with a No Limits award which she was delighted to receive and further improved her confidence.

Abbie spoke of the support she received from No Limits saying “I am so happy you came to the front door on that day, you showed me kindness and I felt I could talk to you about anything…you’re the first person not to judge me. Because of you I am Abbie 100%”.

*The name of the young person has been changed for confidentiality purposes.