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Let’s talk loneliness

19th June 2019

No Limits has welcomed a new government campaign, launched at the start of Loneliness Awareness Week, which highlights that young people living in cities have a significant likeli-hood of suffering loneliness.

The research shows that 75% of young people (18-24) and 56% of people living in cities have felt lonely. No Limits is in a two-year partnership with the Co-op Foundation to tackle youth loneliness and has already released its own local research showing that social isolation amongst the young in Southampton needs to be addressed.

Over the next two years of the partnerships No Limits aims to work with young people who are socially isolated, engaging them in volunteering, campaigning and events. By the end of the two-year project, it is hoped that many young people in Southampton will understand more about loneliness and youth workers will be better equipped to tackle it.

Toni-Marie Leaf, Service Manager at No Limits, said “As a charity working with young peo-ple, most of whom live in a big city, this government campaign and associated research is particularly poignant. We need to reduce the stigma of loneliness and remove barriers that are stopping young people talking to each other and adults about these feelings, helping them realise there is nothing wrong with them for feeling this way. I hope that our project with the Co-op Foundation will help young people in Southampton talk about loneliness and find ways to make it better together.”


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