Kristina’s Story

“School was a disaster for me.  I felt failed by the system, the odd one out.  I hung out with the naughty kids but I wasn’t bad just very mixed up.  I came from a middle class background but felt I was too rough at the edges.  I came out of school with one O’level and never did any other studying until I became of volunteer at No Limits at the age of 40.
Undertaking the induction training and then becoming a volunteer at No Limits gave me confidence in my own ability.  I gained new skills and knowledge.  It made me realise I am able to learn and be part of something worthwhile.  It helped me realise that I can take responsibility for my own life and my children.  I want to be a good role model to them and other people.
I am now on my way to study a Social Work Degree so that I can help other people become better members of the community.”

Krisitna has been an outstanding volunteer for No Limits, offering time, support and advice to hundreds of young people in her time with us. We nominated her for a national award for Adult Learner’s Week in recognition of her hard work and she won the Award for Exemplary Achievement, attending a ceremony at the Museum of London.

Could you be a volunteer and help young people change their lives for the better, like Kristina did?