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Just Be

29th May 2020

This is Danielle. A few weeks ago, Danielle got in touch with us via our online web chat as she was struggling with her mental health during lockdown, especially with feelings of anxiety.

Our Youth Workers listened to how Danielle was feeling and encouraged her to book onto one of our anxiety support sessions via Zoom. We also suggested some coping mechanisms for how Danielle could look after her mental health, including keeping busy and speaking to friends.

After encouraging Danielle to spend some time using her new skill of playing the guitar, she decided to channel her emotions into creating a music video, ‘Just Be’, a song about the daily struggles of mental health.

We’re so proud of what Danielle has created and for sharing her experience of what mental health looks like for her during lockdown. Also a big thank you to BBC Radio Solent for playing Danielle’s song on the radio.

“No Limits have helped me to remember the importance of reaching out to others, particularly in these uncertain times. Although it can feel scary at first, it can really help to lighten the load on your mind.”

Watch Danielle’s video below:


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