Jose’s story: from homelessness to hope

02 November 2015

Jose, 25, came to No Limits because he was facing homelessness, dealing with depression, struggling with debt and had no family nearby to support him. He was turning to substances to make him feel better. With our support, Jose made some big changes in his life and now feels hopeful about the future.

“I dealt with the depression in my own way – taking alcohol and drugs. I went from having a great six months to having a really bad six months. I lost my income. I began to accrue debt and was faced with eviction from my house. I didn’t really know how to cope. I was faced with losing everything.”

“I ended up on the streets for 3 or 4 months. My time on the streets was horrible. You are faced with trying to keep warm. Look for food. You meet people in the same boat, but they are not people you would like to hang around with. I met a lot of young people who were on the streets for all sorts of reasons. I lived in the woods for a bit and found myself lighting a fire under a bridge near a train line. I just broke down. Luckily a friend reached out to me who persuaded me to move near him, have a fresh start.”

“I made a rush decision. Moved with what I had and stayed with them for a while until I got a new job. I managed to get accommodation and things were going well in the bar I was working at. I started misusing alcohol again which led to things spiralling out of control again.”

When Jose came to us, we referred him to a housing provider and gave him the opportunity to use our laundry and shower facilities and get food while he was waiting for accommodation to become available. We also began to address his financial difficulties by setting up a budgeting form and prioritising his debts.

“No Limits helped me deal with the debt. I set a goal for myself – to get into university. I decided I had to stay focused on that. No Limits picked me up and gave me hope. They helped me find suitable accommodation and finally I had a roof over my head.”

Jose’s true passion was music, but with his mood so low he had no self-belief to pursue his dreams. As his confidence started to grow, Jose was able to secure DJ slots at some local clubs and pubs. He applied for a foundation course in Digital Music at Southampton Solent University, and was successful! Since starting in September, Jose says he is happier than ever. Now that he has stable housing and is starting to achieve his goals, he has been able to reduce his drug use and is feeling better mentally.

“I messed up before and I don’t want that to happen again. I’m staying away from drugs and alcohol too. I have something to focus on and I want to set up my own record label in the future. I’ve got a lot of options compared to before. I still get low moments, but I manage to pull myself out of it now.”

“My advice to other young homeless people would be to set a goal. Put 100% into it and there is a light at the end of the tunnel, but you can’t just expect help from others. You have to do it for yourself”.

We think Jose is an inspiration, and a fantastic example of the positive changes a young person can achieve in their lives.