Jodie found her strength in No Limits

08 March 2018

23 year old Jodie* came to No Limits needing help with a variety of issues. After recently separating from her long-term partner who suffered with alcoholism, and as a single parent bringing up her 2 year old son, she needed our support. Jodie, who struggled with mental health issues alongside the challenges of parenting, was finding it hard to keep up with paying rent and bills.

No Limits were able to contact Jodie’s doctor regarding her mental health, and engage with her health visitor about parenting courses and the possibility of a funded nursery place for her son. We also arranged one-to-one sessions for Jodie through No Limits Xtra to support and advise her on budgeting skills and debt management.

With our assistance Jodie was able to access a variety of services and support in order to get her back on her feet. She now feels more confident and capable of looking after her son, and she’s able to manage her finances too.

*The name of the young person has been changed for confidentiality purposes.