What happened to the child who lost everything?

24 June 2013

Every wondered what may happen to the smiling baby you just walked past in your city? In a few years they could be alone and homeless, lacking in the fundamental support and care of a family unit. Whatever the reasons homeless young people are often ignored and forgotten when they just need help, encouragement and support. What if you had lost your family as a child: how would you have coped? Where would you have gone to live aged 18?

Many young people in the Southampton area struggle with everyday life, sometimes lacking the support of a loving family making life so much harder and at times hopeless. Issues include young people leaving care, no job prospects, homelessness and poverty. Between 2011-2012 547 young people visiting No Limits had no fixed abode.

Do you want to make a difference to someone’s life and help get a young person back on track? We rely on your ongoing support enabling us to continue providing this much-needed service for young people in Southampton

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£5 could provide a place for young people who feel they have no one to turn to be listened to and get help in a crisis. £25 could help us support a young person for a week through our open access drop-in centre.

Thank you.