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Guardian Article

29th November 2019

On 27th November 2019 No Limits received coverage in The Guardian and our CEO, Annabel Hodgson, was interviewed.

Annabel highlighted that one of the key concerns for the young people of Southampton is housing and homelessness. Indeed, No Limits supported 516 young people who were homeless or at risk of homelessness in 2018/19.

Annabel also highlighted the pressure that the education system is under and the impact that this has on young people – something which our front line staff have noted during their interactions with the young people we support.

Annabel then went on to give her own personal views about the Leader of the Labour Party. She did so as a private individual but this is not made explicit in the reporting.

No Limits and our staff are aware of the Charity Commission’s Campaigning and political activity guidance for charities (CC9) and understand that any political activity that charities do must always be undertaken in furtherance of their charitable purposes and that they must not be partisan. In recognition of this, No Limits has written to the Charity Commission and has contacted The Guardian to request that it is clarified that from the point that Annabel referenced the Labour Party Leader, she was speaking as a private individual.


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