Do you have questions about budgeting or benefits? Are you struggling with debt?

Whether you want help with budgeting or have questions about benefits and what you’re entitled to claim, we can help you. You can pop into our Advice Centre without making an appointment and speak in confidence to one of our trained workers, or use our computers to make an online benefits claim.

Our No Limits Xtra service provides you with the specialist one-to-one support to work through any money and debt issues that you are having.

We also have a benefits and employment advisor from Southampton Advice and Representation Centre (SARC) meet young people on our drop-in. To book an appointment, please get in touch.

No Limits Xtra

No Limits Xtra can help you with anything that is holding you back or that you would like support with. Whether it’s help filling in forms for education and employment opportunities, money and debt advice or support with relationship and family issues. Maybe you’re having trouble with the law or need us to speak to other agencies on your behalf.

You can access one-to-one support with an allocated worker who you can meet with on a regular basis to help you cope with the challenges in your life. They will support you by identifying what your needs are and by making a plan together to achieve your goals together.

Whatever you need support with, No Limits Xtra can help you to think it through or do what’s necessary to sort things out.

A helping hand

No Limits helped me by listening to me and giving me lots of advice and helpful tips to stop me from getting as stressed as I was.

Izzy, 23

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To find out more about our services and how we can support you, contact us via phone, email or by visiting our Advice Centre.

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