Southampton Healthy Ambition (SHA)

Southampton Healthy Ambition is a partnership between No Limits and Solent NHS. It’s about making sure that children and young people get the most out of their education by encouraging and supporting good attendance at school. It does this in two ways.

  • In school, any young person aged 11-19 can get 121 support from an emotional health and wellbeing (EHWB) worker.
  • Outside school, people called Family Navigators work with families of children and young people aged 5-19 whose attendance is low or at risk of suffering, due to any health related issue, whether it affects them directly or is within the family.

In School – term time only

Are you a young person struggling with anything?

You can have 121 support in your school with an EHWB worker. You can talk about anything that is bothering you, for example, emotional health, self-esteem, stopping smoking, substances, healthy eating, wellbeing, sexual health and relationships. This is by appointment at school. This could be one appointment or more depending on what you need.

There are also groups in your school that you could join, run by the same EHWB worker. These might include anxiety, anger management, self esteem, exam stress and more depending on which school you at.

Do you want to find out more? Contact the EHWB worker in your school through student/pastoral support and look out for posters up in your school.

This is what some young people have said about this service

  • My EHWB worker is a great listener who is full of great techniques on how to deal with a problem.
  • She helps and finds ways I know I can benefit from
  • Talking about family and my temper and how to stop it is helpful
  • Learning different and better ways to help with my anxiety
  • My EHWB worker is easy to talk to, gives good advice and doesn’t judge
  • It was fun and I learned lots
  • Learning about coping with anxiety
  • She’s understanding, keeps me calm
  • Easy to talk to
  • I can say what I feel
  • I liked the activities and the approach that was taken

Outside School – all year round

Are you a parent, carer or guardian of a child whose attendance at school is at risk?

Every GP practice in Southampton City has a named Family Navigator who can accept referrals for young people aged 5-19 years and their families.

The following interventions are offered:

  • Assessment, support and signposting to families where a child or young person’s attainment or attendance at school is impacted by a health issue.
  • Engagement with families and young people (5-19 years) to enable them to connect to the help they need, receive assistance in a timely way and gain support to negotiate challenging situations.

For professionals:

Solent NHS Trust is providing the new school nursing service working in partnership with No Limits. This service is called Southampton Healthy Ambition and offers children and young people support to improve attendance, attainment and to enhance their experience of education.  The  service is split into two distinct sections:

The Emotional Health and Wellbeing service provides secondary schools and colleges in Southampton a named Emotional Health and Wellbeing Worker (EHWB). The EHWB workers accept referrals for children aged 11-19 from teachers, school nurses and also self-referrals from pupils. This service is available term-time only.

Schools say SHA is…

….is fantastic, child-centred, tailored to the individual and improving the outcomes for YP’.

…‘It’s really useful because it has opened up the door between schools and health’

…is helping our students cope’.

…As with everything and everyone, we have undergone budget cuts and are now woefully understaffed. [our EHWB worker] has helped plug that gap to some extent’.

…is supporting our vulnerable students’.

…is used effectively and pupils can be referred for in-house support’.