What Parents Say About Us

Feedback from the Parent Support Group


    My son is now working with young people with Autism he’s a totally different person, he has friends, looking forward to his driving lessons. He is doing amazing, turned a corner. I feel so much better and the worry is off.

    I feel like I have my son back.

    Learnt a lot from Ally and Vicki as well as sharing with the other parents. Knowledge to cope.

    I felt heard and supported and learnt things every time.

    I enjoyed the group when it was just me (121) but I found it hard when the other parents were there.


    I found you very supportive. It is a good idea to have this support.

    Talking to other parents helped to know I’m not the only one. The group was fantastic.

    Some improvements in my daughter she is more in control, still using cannabis but now attending college every day.

    No Limits supported with homelessness after the police advised us to tell him to leave the house. My wife is now eating better and putting weight on again.