Make Our Rights Reality

Make Our Rights Reality (MORR) is a national youth rights project which teaches young people about their rights and gives them a voice to challenge injustice.

Using RIGHTS + VOICE + ACTION = CHANGE, the MORR programme aims to equip young people to manage their everyday problems and engage in civic society:

RIGHTS: A training programme which teaches young people about their rights and how to apply them to everyday problems
VOICE: A national platform for youth-led campaigns across the country
ACTION: Supported projects that encourage young people to take action on rights-based issues in their local communities.

Here at No Limits, we’re leading the delivery of the MORR project in Southampton and Hampshire!

Our MORR courses are for young people aged 15-25 and can be run at the No Limits Advice Centre, colleges, youth clubs or any venue suitable to young people.

How to get involved: