Loss and Bereavement

Have you had a bereavement, or experienced a loss? This 8 week closed group will offer you a safe space where you can explore and work through your grief in the way you want to alongside other people who may understand a little of what you’re going through.

Dates for the Loss and Bereavement programme in 2018 are:

For young people aged 11 to 16
  • Start Date

    Saturday 13th January

  • Venue

    Advice Centre

  • Time

    11am – 12:30pm

  • When to refer

    29th December – 12th January

How can I take part in this group?

Phone: 02380 224 224
Email: enquiries@nolimitshelp.org.uk
In person: visit our advice centre to complete a referral to Loss and Bereavement