Girl Talk, Boy Talk

Girl Talk Boy Talk is a single sex educational programme for year 9 students delivered across Southampton, Portsmouth and Hampshire schools. 

Girl Talk Boy Talk runs across 4-7 sessions during the school term and consist of informal, group-based discussions delivered by trained facilitators. Sessions are fun and interactive and cover topics such as puberty, consent, healthy relationships and young parenting.

The educational programme contributes to and enhances the wider PSHE programme as part of the curriculum rather than replacing classroom based lessons. The smaller group sizes with sessions over 4-7 weeks allow the students to build relationships with each other and the facilitator. The safe environment encourages them to ask the questions they want the answers to and to make positive lifestyle choices around relationships and sexual health.

The aims and objectives of Girl Talk Boy Talk

Students will:

  • Increase knowledge of emotional and physical changes that happen through puberty and dispel any myths
  • Explore what individuals value in a relationship, including where sex fits in to a relationship
  • Explore how alcohol or drugs impact on making informed choices about sex, relationships and contraception
  • Understand how effective contraception use prevents conception
  • Understand the risk of unprotected sex and acquiring an STI
  • Increase confidence to practice ‘safer sex’ using barrier methods of contraception
  • Develop self-awareness and self esteem
  • Identify local supporting agencies

To find out more

  • Call us on 02380 224224
  • Contact us to let us know if your school is interested in the Girl Talk Boy Talk programme