Get Help In Your School or College

There are lots of different ways you can get help from No Limits in your school or college.

You can talk about anything that is bothering you, for example, how you are feeling and your mood, self-esteem, stopping smoking, substances, healthy eating, sexual health and relationships.

No Limits Weekly Drop In Sessions

We run drop-in sessions at secondary schools and colleges across Southampton every week of term time. These run for 30 – 120 minutes and are in the same place each week. Look out for the friendly people in the black No Limits T-shirts or ask your tutor where to find the sessions.

When we are at your school or college you can come and see us without making an appointment. If you just want to ask us a question, you can do that there and then, or if you want to talk about something in private, we can book an appointment in a private space for another day.


We provide support in schools and colleges in Southampton through our BUZZ service, where lessons, assemblies and outreach sessions are delivered to young people aged 14 to 15 to educate them about the risks involved in drinking alcohol or using substances.

Girl Talk, Boy Talk

We deliver a single sex educational programme to year 9 students in schools across Southampton, Portsmouth and Hampshire to give you the opportunity to find out what people value in a relationship, and how you can make informed decisions about sex. The Girl Talk, Boy Talk sessions are run over 4-7 sessions during school term and consist of fun and interactive group-based discussions which cover topics such as puberty, consent, healthy relationships and young parents.

Southampton Healthy Ambition

You could also speak to an Emotional Health and Wellbeing (EHWB) Worker employed by a project called SHA – Southampton Healthy Ambition. These people work in every secondary school in Southampton, for a whole day, on the same day every week.

This is by appointment at school. This could be one appointment or more depending on what you need. Do you want to find out more? Contact the EHWB worker in your school through student/pastoral support and look out for posters up in your school.


There are also groups in your school that you could join, run by the same SHA EHWB worker. These might include anxiety, anger management, self esteem, exam stress and more depending on which school you at.

This is what some young people have said about this service

  • My EHWB worker is a great listener who is full of great techniques on how to deal with a problem.
  • She helps and finds ways I know I can benefit from
  • Talking about family and my temper and how to stop it is helpful
  • Learning different and better ways to help with my anxiety
  • My EHWB worker is easy to talk to, gives good advice and doesn’t judge
  • It was fun and I learned lots
  • Learning about coping with anxiety
  • She’s understanding, keeps me calm
  • Easy to talk to
  • I can say what I feel
  • I liked the activities and the approach that was taken