Counselling is an opportunity to talk to someone in confidence about anything that could be worrying you. This could be about home life, school, college, relationships or just about how you are feeling about yourself. Our trained counsellors are friendly, welcoming and won’t make judgements about you or your problems. They will listen to you and help you to explore how you are feeling.

There are two ways you can access counselling with us; if you’re aged 4-25 and you’re living in Southampton, you can access counselling for free through No Limits. We also offer paid counselling for clients of all ages through our social enterprise, No Limits Trading, where there is a reduced waiting list and more choice for the date and time of your appointment.

Counselling takes place with the same counsellor each week at our Advice Centre or at our Head Office in Southampton.

For more information about our counselling services, please click here.

What happens next?

If you would like to book a counselling assessment or you would like further information and advice, please visit our Advice Centre or call us on 02380 224224.

If you’ve had your counselling assessment and you would like to find out what happens next, click here.

Meet our counsellors

No Limits have a team of friendly, experienced counsellors who can support you with anything you may be facing. You can have a look at our counsellor profiles below to help you find out more about the team:

  • Aimee
  • Alhagie – profile in progress
  • Allison – profile in progress
  • Charlotte – profile in progress
  • Emma – profile in progress
  • Gaynor – profile in progress
  • Jill
  • Kim – profile in progress
  • Lin – profile in progress
  • Lindy
  • Lisa – profile in progress
  • Lucas – profile in progress
  • Lucinda – profile in progress
  • Marnie – profile in progress
  • Natalie – profile in progress
  • Nicola – profile in progress
  • Nicola (Nic) R.
  • Peter – profile in progress
  • Rosie – profile in progress
  • Ruth
  • Sarah – profile in progress
  • Sharon
  • Steve
  • Sue – profile in progress

For more information:

Download an information leaflet click here.

If you are a parent or carer of a young person who is having counselling and want to know how you could help them, please click here to look at our leaflet “Supporting a young person in counselling”

Phone: 02380 224 224
In person: visit our Advice Cente

What young people say about counselling at No Limits

  • “It has made me open my eyes more and I’ve seen more what I am like that I didn’t know before”

    “It helped me realise how things could be so much more better if I wasn’t angry all of the time.”

    “I got to open up and feel comfortable talking about myself. It felt like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders”

    “I could talk to someone who listened”

    “I felt I had someone to turn to when I needed to about my worries without being judged and I had help with working out helpful coping techniques.”

  • “I greatly appreciate the service I received, everyone was very helpful and friendly.”

    “It was amazing”

    “I was given useful tactics and support to help with my problems”

    “Helped improve my confidence in communicating with family and friends”

    “Being listened to – no-one has before”

    “Someone else I can trust”

    “The fact that I now have more control of my actions and I feel like I will always have someone to talk to honestly.”

  • “She helped and listened to me”

    “At home I don’t get listened to. *counsellor* did though – it was really good”

    “I liked the fact I had someone to talk to during school times.”

    “At start I felt alone and always angry – it got in the way of me and my girlfriend. Now at school things are better and my girlfriend.”

    “Being able to trust and talk about things that have worried me. It’s the first time I have ever been able to talk to someone. It’s helped me feel much good about me, I don’t need to cut myself anymore.”

  • “Talking and getting advice from someone who isn’t family”

    “I was listened to”

    “*counsellor* cared a lot about me and I think she did the best she could”

    “I felt like *counsellor* cared and listened to me”

    “It helped me realise how things could be so much more better if I wasn’t angry all of the time.”

    “Listened and could trust them to talk about anything”