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Celebrating Dr Carlene Firmin

18th July 2022

As part of Black Leaders Awareness Day, on July 18th, No Limits would like to celebrate Dr Carlene Firmin, MBE.

Dr Firmin’s Contextual Safeguarding model has led a revolution in the way this country looks at safeguarding some of our most vulnerable young people. She recognised that young people and children at risk of harm in their communities through criminal or sexual exploitation, youth violence and domestically abusive relationships were being let down by the traditional safeguarding system. Through her incredible research and persistence, she has made professionals working with young people and policy makers take note and start to implement changes to protect those young people.

We at No Limits are big fans and celebrate her work. You can watch a fascinating Ted Talk video of Dr Firmin here: Carlene Firmin: Contextual Safeguarding: Re-writing the rules of child protection | TED Talk

Also the following interview in which Dr Firmin explains contextual safeguarding:



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