Here at No Limits, we understand that knife crime can be a worry for you, however recent findings suggest that only 1% of young people carry a knife. If you feel worried about knife crime or you, or someone you know, carries a knife, take a look at our advice below:

  • Talk to someone you trust (friend, family teacher, police officer, youth worker at No Limits)
  • Use amnesty boxes or hand knives into the police station
  • Do something fun that you enjoy, or find new ways to spend your time, such as sports, dance, music.
  • Research the facts – did you know that carrying a knife makes you more at risk of knife related crime?

If you would like to talk to someone in confidence about knife crime, visit the No Limits Advice Centre, your school or college drop-in, email us or phone us on 02380 224 224.

To report a knife crime, click here.

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