Becky’s Story

28 April 2017

Becky* was faced with life changing scars across her stomach and arms after she was involved in an incident where a dress she was wearing caught fire. Her lifetime scaring has severely affected her mental health, causing Becky to feel very down, isolated, withdrawn, and lacking in confidence and self-esteem.

After coming to No Limits, Becky has been receiving support on a one-to-one basis where she has been introduced to coping mechanisms to help address the insecurities she has with her scars. A member of staff at No Limits decided to get in touch with the Katie Piper Foundation to seek additional support for Becky.

A few weeks later, Becky received a personalised letter from Katie Piper which was filled with words of inspiration and encouragement. Katie wrote: “Aim for progress, not perfection. Nobody’s perfect, so don’t put pressure on yourself to achieve the impossible. Enjoy who you are with all your imperfections!”

Becky is now in a much better place and is able to focus on her studies at school. She has started to get out and see friends again, and is enjoying doing things that she loves.

Thank you to the Katie Piper Foundation for making such a difference in Becky’s life and for encouraging her to embrace who she is.

*The name of the young person has been changed for confidentiality purposes.