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Back to school: report highlights increased need as children and young people return to school

28th August 2020

As many children and young people return to face-to-face education for the first time in nearly six months, No Limits has published a report looking at the impact of the lockdown on children and young people and their anxieties about returning to school.

The report highlights the need for the local authority, health and voluntary sectors to pull together and scale up resources to meet the likely surge in children and young people needing support over the coming year and beyond.

The findings in the report were based on answers from 180 children and young people aged 8-25 and showed high levels of anxiety amongst children and young people about school work, falling behind and future prospects. Many were worried about how they would integrate into the new normal. Some were concerned about another spike and how they would cope with a second lockdown. Anxiety around retuning to education was a recurrent theme.

We are issuing a number of top tips for children and young people on our website and on social to help children and young people to look after their emotional wellbeing. Here at No Limits, we hope to be present through our usual health and wellbeing drop-ins in schools to provide support to students, as soon as Covid restrictions allow.

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