Anti-bullying week: speak up, speak out

16 November 2015

73% of local children and young people report that they have been bullied.
The 16th-20th November is Anti-bullying week. To mark the week, we asked local children and young people to tell us about their experiences of bullying.

In a survey that we carried out, we found that:

73% of children and young people reported that they had experienced bullying
91% of these had been bullied at school, and 33% had been bullied online.
92% of children and young people had witnessed bullying
When asked where they would go for support about bullying, 62% said they would go to their family, 50% said they would go to a No Limits youth worker, 49% said they would go to a teacher, 31% said they would turn to their friends, and 26% said they would go to another youth worker.
30% have self-harmed as a result of bullying and 18% have considered taking their own life as a result.
When we asked children and young people what they thought about bullying, here’s what they said:

“You’re never alone”

“Think before you do it. It could take a life”

“Always tell someone you can trust if you’re being bullied”

“You can get through it”

“Make as many people as you can aware of what’s happening”

“If you are being bullied stay strong and try and get help and try not to self-harm…it doesn’t help in the long term”

Speak up, speak out
We’re encouraging children and young people to speak up if they are being bullied, and to speak out if they see other people being bullied. Remember that you can speak to No Limits workers at secondary schools and sixth form colleges, or come along to our drop in centres for information, advice and support. You can also speak to friends, family members, teachers, or youth workers. We know that it’s not easy to talk about bullying, but it is so important to do so. Remember – you are never alone.

We’ll be sharing more about anti-bullying week on Facebook and Twitter this week, using the hashtags #speakupspeakout and #antibullyingweek.