What young people say about us


    Dear No Limits  (Anne-Marie, Selina, Ben and Jon) I cannot thank you enough for all the help you’ve given me. Whether it was retrieving my deposit from the Deposit Protection Service, or managing my mental health, your constant and unconditional support has been invaluable to me. I would recommend you unreservedly to any young person that’s struggling with anything. Again I cannot overstate how helpful you have been through trying times and I wish you unbridled success and happiness for the future, Warmest Regards

    No Limits have been open and honest with me from the start and have listen to, and supported me to talk about my experiences, which has helped me to let go and understand myself better.

    I think No Limits is brilliant, they have always looked after me and the new building is nice.  Thanks for all your help 🙂


    Just want to say what an excellent service, especially Ann Marie. I had a homelessness crisis 4 years ago and now successfully got a home. I also had help dealing with my mums mental health. Thanks a lot.

    I came in for the first time having bad mental health problems and homelessness due to a death in the family. This led to a build-up of in my mental health. I was able to access consistent and brilliant support immediately. I have found it a brilliant and really good service that I haven’t received before and feel a lot better that there is a future for me. I definitely made the right decision dropping-in.

    No Limits has helped me repeatedly throughout the two years. I have no social worker and no help so without No Limits I would have been stuck in certain situations. I am a young person (17) and have been living alone since I was 16. Whenever I have gone into No Limits I have been greeted and have always felt welcome always had a successful outcome.


    Dear No Limits. Thank you for all the help you have given me and my girlfriend. We can eat and sleep safe in the street amd feel welcome at your centre anytime.

    CANNOT thank No Limits service enough! It is wasn’t for them I don’t know how I’d eat or stay warm on the street. Ann – Marie is amazing, felt welcome straight away. Thank you x

    No Limits is really beneficial to young people like myself. I wouldn’t have been able to get where I am now without the support of a place like this. The people and the help and the information I have gotten is great. When I didn’t believe in myself they helped me to get back into my happy self.


    Dear No Limits, I want to say a huge thank you to all the staff working at No Limits. I don’t even know where to start in not only keeping us going by feeling us when we are struggling and so much more. You have actually changed my life! The activities have built my self-esteem and gave me so much confidence to carry on and stay off the drugs.

    I give you all the upmost respect and thank you. It may not mean as much to you as much as it does to us but everything you do is amazing- Never give up!

    PS: And it’s not just my life you have changed. You should be proud of yourselves!

    Thank you Ann-Marie for being super helpful. Excellent service and without No Limits the last 7 days homeless would have been extremely difficult to have got through. Thanks to the No Limits service for all your support. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

    Came in for the first time having bad anxiety due to a build up of worry. I got help basically straight away. I was able to talk to someone privately and received really good help and was able to calm down and feel good. I found really good service that I haven’t received before and feel much better and made the right decision dropping in


    I really like that No Limits isn’t abstinence based. If it was, I probably wouldn’t have come along. I would have felt judged for still using other substances.

    It’s good that No Limits works with up to 25 year olds. I would have been too intimidated to go to an “adult” service.

    Thanks No Limits. Since I have been coming in here to do my job search, I have been able to secure work. My confidence levels in myself has gone up. I am able to be somewhere so friendly & helpful. Also able to meet new friends & people. Thanks so much.

    Everything’s got better since I started talking to you; what’s you have helped with most is the pressure at home, school and with panic attacks.


    I feel much better after coming to see No Limits because it’s helped me and my family. It’s helped me to trust people and I feel like I am moving forward.

    Thank you … for the chat today, it’s good to know there is a service such as yours nearby.

    I appreciate what you are doing and I am very happy that I have found you. I am currently homeless and unemployed. You have given me good advice on benefits, contacts on who can help with housing and you made sure I wasn’t hungry or thirsty. You have inspired me to participate in charities when I am financially stable and have a proper roof over my head. You have given me hope, and that is why I thank you.


    I would like to thank all the team and facilities. I was in a bad way when I came in. This service has helped me out in a time when I suffered from depression, drink, debt and housing. With a bit of help and guidance I got back on track. I’m now in uni and have a really good job with Southampton FC. I owe a lot to this service and I’m sad it has come to an end. I felt like I was part of a family that I don’t have. Thank you for the award that is pinned up to keep me motivated. Guys, without this service I don’t know where I would be. Thanks James and No Limits team.

    I think No Limits is….

    • Good at offering a variety of different options for whatever your situation
    • Cool
    • Awesome
    • A good place for young people to get help with things
    • Very useful to young people and they just always help and listen. I love No Limits.

    I have completed 3 anger management courses in the past and I have got more from the two sessions I have had with you so far than with any of that.

    I think what you guys have done and achieved has some much impact on young people!! I honestly wouldn’t be the person I am today without the help from you all those years ago and it was nice you watched me achieved my goals as not many professionals are there to see you through right to the end xx

    I don’t know where I’d be right now if No Limits weren’t there to support me. I was in a right state when I first came here.

    You helped me with bullying.


    You have helped me because of my feelings, anger and bullying

    I feel that No Limits helping me is a really good thing, they help me when I have a problem.

    No Limits have helped me to stand up for myself and stop worrying about what other people think. Also it helps me with a lot of friendship issues.

    No Limits helped me when I was homeless and got me a place to live.

    You helped me a lot at college

    You helped me overcome friendship dilemmas


    You have helped me lots through counselling and with groups like young carers

    They have helped me come to terms with anxiety

    You helped me with my confidence and helped me control my anger

    No Limits has had a positive impact on me

    Bright Beginnings has helped me gain the confidence to do things by myself instead of being scared. They have made me realise that I am a good mum and can carry on being the best that I can be. My Befriender has been really supportive towards me when I have had an issue with anything, and has always been non-judgemental in any subject we talk about. She has always been there when I need to talk things through, her support has helped me bond with my baby much better.

  • Jon, you really sorted me out with a lot of things and I’ve been in a much better place since I first came to No Limits. I feel much more stable headed and I would probably still be in a mess if you hadn’t helped me so much. Thank you again.

What young people have to say about counselling


    It has made me open my eyes more and I’ve seen more what I am like that I didn’t know before

    Want more

    It helped me realise how things could be so much more better if I wasn’t angry all of the time.

    I got to open up and feel comfortable talking about myself. It felt like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders

    I could talk to someone who listened

    I felt I had someone to turn to when I needed to about my worries without being judged and I had help with working out helpful coping techniques.


    I greatly appreciate the service I received, everyone was very helpful and friendly.

    It was amazing

    I was given useful tactics and support to help with my problems

    Helped improve my confidence in communicating with family and friends

    Being listened to – no-one has before

    Someone else I can trust

    The fact that I now have more control of my actions and I feel like I will always have someone to talk to honestly.


    She helped and listened to me

    At home I don’t get listened to. *counsellor* did though – it was really good

    I liked the fact I had someone to talk to during school times.

    At start I felt alone and always angry – it got in the way of me and my girlfriend. Now at school things are better and my girlfriend.

    Being able to trust and talk about things that have worried me. It’s the first time I have ever been able to talk to someone. It’s helped me feel much good about me, I don’t need to cut myself anymore.


    Talking and getting advice from someone who isn’t family

    I was listened to

    *counsellor* cared a lot about me and I think she did the best she could

    I felt like *counsellor* cared and listened to me

    It helped me realise how things could be so much more better if I wasn’t angry all of the time.

    Listened and could trust them to talk about anything


    I got to open up and feel comfortable talking about myself. It felt like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders

    I was listened to and given helpful advice

    It’s been alright. I feel like I’ve been listened to and perhaps taken seriously.

    That she helped me and cared for me. Also that she didn’t judge me. 3/29/2016 3:48 PM

    They gave me the right help and treated me really well.


    I could talk to someone who listened

    Just talking to someone

    That it helped me sort my problems

    She listened and took me seriously

    I got to get my feelings out

  • I had my first counselling appointment on Friday with Lindi and it was great! She made me feel very comfortable and really helped me to open my eyes to a few things. I’m looking forward to my next session and I don’t feel nervous about it at all!

Feedback on BUZZ workshops


    One thing I would change is seriously thinking about whether it is even necessary beforehand to take drugs or drink alcohol.

    I wouldn’t take drugs but when I start drinking alcohol I will be careful on the amount of units I drink

    When I start drinking I will manage the amount I drink


    Prioritising my choices before drinking or taking drugs

    I thought alcohol was better than it is, this workshop has taught me a lot

    Really informative session, I have learnt a lot

    Demonstrations were good and so were the explanations

    Fun and great activities I wouldn’t take drugs in the future now.